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October 13, 1983: Ameritech, First Company to offer cellular telephony in the United States.

38 years after its inception as the first provider of cellular telephony in the United States, Ameritech Corporation Company is credited with the implementation of "Cellular" technology with which it managed to maintain up to 50,000 calls per hour, the principle of base antenna "Cell" and mobile antenna in the device achieved flexibility and stability in calls.

Brands such as Motorola, General Electric and Panasonic placed millions of devices in general use in the North American market.

By 1987, Ameritech set its sights on deploying fiber optic networks and by the end of that same year had reached a staggering 150,000 installed miles, which allowed it to serve a quarter of its customers. Through its business network intensified the marketing of digital products for the creation of integrated computer systems.

Interesting facts

Today, Ameritech exists as Ameritech Mobile Communications, LLC - AT&T Mobility.

The Guinness World Record for the longest-lasting cell phone number in history dates back to August 2, 1985 and still stands, this number originally came from an Ameritech AC140 and since then it is an Ameritech Mobile Communications number and as a special note, it is presumed that this model of phone device is the same one used by Jacobo Zabludovsky to make his report of the 1985 earthquake.


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